Peter’s cappuccino

The newest release is a 4 track EP entitled Peter’s Cappuccino, named after their keyboard player, as it was recorded in his home studio. The EP is also songs inspired by films, this time with a darker sound which also includes a couple of sweet acoustic tracks and a beautiful black and white music video for the song Enter the void.

1. Enter the void
2. Blue Jay
3. Bitter moon
4. The Straight story

Songs from the album “Peter’s cappuccino”

Eight movie songs

This album was written during the covid pandemic when i had lots of free time at home. I was watching a lot of movies, and decided to try and write songs about them. I wrote a list of all my favorite films, re -watched them and went to work. Finding something of my own life in each of these films.

The names of the songs are the same as the movies they were inspired by.

1. Once upon a time in Hollywood
2. Paris, Texas
3. Love
4. A serious man
5. Following
6. Midnight cowboy
7. Big fish
8. The spy

Songs from the album “Eight movie songs”

A butterfly soon

The band released their first album in 2018 entitled A Butterfly Soon produced by Martin žiak (Basostroj), the album was a tasteful blend of Soul, Singer/songwriter/Blues.

1. The bubble
2. A butterfly soon
3. Woman
4. Lover
5. Silhouette
6. Day or night
7. Everyman
8. Spirited away

Songs from the album “A butterfly soon”