Gary Halmkan (singer/songwriter/guitar) moved from his homeland England to Slovakia, and formed the band Gary and the homegrown.

The band released their first album in 2018 entitled A Butterfly Soon produced by Martin žiak (Basostroj), the album was a tasteful blend of Soul, Singer/songwriter/Blues.

They then released 3 singles, one of them being a collaboration with Lubo Petruška (Chiki liki tu-a / Korben Dallas) named Changing as we speak.

Their second album were songs inspired by films, entitled Eight movie songs, a much more atmospheric and song based album also includes a few funky tunes.

Their newest release is a 4 track EP entitled Peter’s Cappuccino, named after their keyboard player, as it was recorded in his home studio. The EP is also songs inspired by films, this time with a darker sound which also includes a couple of sweet acoustic tracks and a beautiful black and white music video for the song Enter the void. The band continue to record and play live concerts.

They are a 5 piece band:

Gary Halmkan (Vocals/Guitar)
Rado Rugala (Drums)
Vlado Kubala (Bass)
Peter Berec (Keyboards)
Lea Dimitrovova (Vocals)